• TestoX
  • Xerjoff –  Kemi – Holysm & Astaral
  • Sarah Baker – Charad
  • Gisada – Ambasador for Men
  • pernoire – Amoral
  • Swiss Fragrance Foundation Award FiFi (2018) with GISADA – DONNA
  • Art & Olfaction Award, Category: Independent (2023) with BODÉ STUDIO – FUCHSROT

Andreas Wilhelm is an award-winning renowned perfumer known for his innovative and creative approach to scent creation. He has been in the industry for approximately 18 years, honing his skills and gaining invaluable experience. He created perfumes for Sarah Baker, Xerjoff and many more, but also indulges in scent-oriented activities such as creating scents for the annual Scent Cinema and performing street art with a ventilator to tell a scented story. Wilhelm’s creativity goes beyond the conventional, e.g. expressed in a unique collection called

This line mocks the industry norms and has an open-source formula printed on each bottle, encouraging transparency and experimentation.

Wilhelm’s contribution to the perfume industry is also marked by his creation of Charade, an evocative scent inspired by the 1950s and 60s. The perfume features predominant notes of the era, such as tuberose, leather, and chypre accord.

Despite his long-standing career, Wilhelm continues to push boundaries, making him an influential figure in the world of perfumery.