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Characterised by unbridled energy, TestoX’s long-lasting silhouette underscores the striking, dynamic and at times audacious character traits of its wearers.

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The incredible feeling of a testosterone rush for everyone!

Characterized by unbridled energy, TestoX’s long-lasting silhouette underscores its wearers’ striking, dynamic and, at times, bold traits. In a conscious renunciation from classically defined stereotypes, Andreas Wilhelm’s creation focuses on notes that were once traditionally associated with masculinity and arranged them into intoxicating unisex chords. The powerful creation manages to break with this rigidly defined gender role and expands it to accentuate the masculine parts inherent in every personality. TestoX’s signature notes see themselves as a statement. They embody elegance, leadership and a determined, playful enthusiasm for competition – for everyone. Self-confident and graceful, the fragrance’s crystal-clear patchouli notes resound beneath which the boundaries of conventional gender definitions blur to unfold into a stunning, energetic perfume.

Worn for everyday wear or with an evening gown and double-breasted suit, TestoX fascinates with its captivating yet structured tones as a sovereign stroke of perfumery genius. Concealed in Aura Perfume’s elegantly designed bottle, the symbol of the horned Celtic god Cernunnos, synonymous with virile energy, adorns TestoX’s composition. Striking, dynamic and at times audacious character traits of its wearers.

In-Depth Information about TestoX:

Renowned and award-winning perfumer Andreas Wilhelm (Xerjoff, Sarah Baker, Perfume.Sucks) managed to crack up the patchouli molecule to remove the old-fashioned stale hippie vibe. He created a crystal-clear high-definition patchouli that is elegant, modern and powerful. The molecules seem to run all over the body and surround you for hours.
TestoX is a re-launch. It was formerly launched in 2012 for the Swiss niche brand Sentifique as “Testostérone”. Aura Perfume wants to make this gem available again and increase the perfume oil concentration – making it even more potent and longer lasting than the prior version.

The X in TestoX stands for

  • Cross Gender. While it is a very masculine scent, we believe everyone would enjoy the feeling of getting flooded by a heavy dose of Testosterone occasionally.
  • Cross Perfume. TestoX works perfectly on its own but also invites you to give a dash of it over the more underwhelming and slightly boring perfumes in one’s collection. TestoX will spice things up and let the wearer experience old over-sniffed perfumes with a new mesmerizing effect.

The Symbol

TestoX has the symbol of the God Cernunnos. The Celtic God of nature, male fertility and of the Otherworld. Cernunnos is the male counterpart to the Mother Goddess in Celticism.

Additional information

Andreas Wilhelm

Head Notes


Heart Notes


Base Notes

Patchouly, Oud, Birch Tar


Extrait de Parfum



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